This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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pin_drop DW20.InstantValley.Net

Welcome to Direwolf 20 1.16.5 Powered by Instant Valley MC!

Running the latest version of DW20

All dimensions on the server are enabled and the mining world gets reset once a month so everyone can use
the mining world to its full extent!

We include Shops, random teleport, very invested and active staff, all issues or problems wich can accure
to players will/shall be fixed as fast as posible even within 10 minuts!

so no one will have to wait when ever something does somehow go wrong!

Newest plugins and anti-grief solutions!

Vote Crates and rewards try your luck and see what cool loot you'll get from the vote crates!

Incredible vote rewards via the vote crates and we are and will always be open for any suggetions!

barely any item banned!

very good server no lag and good players playing the game epic
Posted 25th Jul 2022
server owner works hard and has cool features
Posted 4th Jun 2022
They worked hard to make it open to all and it has some convenient amenities .
Posted 31st May 2022
Has been a pretty good experience. Minimal banned items and downtime. Plus a helpful community.
Posted 19th May 2022
This server is fun, i haven't been on in a while but when i have been playing it's been nice and relaxing. highly reccomended.
Posted 15th May 2022
everyone is friendly, it is very laggy and there arent a ton of ppl on but overall very nice server
Posted 23rd Apr 2022
This server is amazing. There is a great community with great players who help eachother out and not much is banned.
Posted 21st Apr 2022
I have been really enjoying this server and the staff and other players are all super helpful!
Posted 20th Apr 2022
gsw8thegreat, Good server and helpful staff
Posted 11th Apr 2022
I've just started and the people here are already nice and helpful.
Posted 10th Apr 2022
Friend introduced me to the server and I love it! The mods make it easy to build and design a town how I want and add so much more variety to the game
Posted 6th Apr 2022
Its low population, quiet and lots of awesome stuff! I have found my new home server! <3
Posted 2nd Apr 2022
This server is really good for someone just beginning to play Direwolf20. The prices at the server spawn market are not too expensive value well. The staff member I met so far was nice to me, along with the rest of the players on the server.

Ign: WolfezAlt
Posted 1st Apr 2022
Active and friendly staff, if problems occur they get fixed fast.
Basically endless things to explore and farm, since there is basically no worldborder and seemingly no banned items so far.
Voting feels rewarding, even more while recurring '4x vote rewards' events are running.

All in all its a great experience so far, can definitly recommend checking it out!
Posted 25th Mar 2022
Good Server, Friendly People, Friendly Staff!
Posted 18th Mar 2022
not many people so not much lag but those that play are cool. small server market at spawn with not to expensive prices. voting can get some good rewards.

ign: ThisBeMyName
Posted 17th Mar 2022