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Atlas, Whitelisted community server.



Welcome to Atlas, a small friendly server currently running the Direwolf20 modpack. While the server is fairly new, there is currently a lot of work being done to build the spawn area etc. The server is usually up unless we are updating/editing configs.

A few things to note:
We have gravity guns and portal guns set to require fuel, this is in the form of glowstone dust and enderpearl dust respectively. While we do have plugins on the server, i do not run the server myself so i do not know whats on, i just advertise. We aim to be friendly and equal in our judgements, that said, not all of our staff are as forgiving as some, and neither i nor any of the other staff or owner will undo someone elses ban.


Be polite, we are friendly, not a bunch of swearbear savages, you wont be banned for swearing, but dont push your luck, it gets annoying to everyone. NO WORLD EATERS! i mean it, we will find them, and erase them. no means no. they create a lot of lag, they ruin the landscape, they can mine through peoples bases. breaking this rule will mean an instant ban. use the mining age for large scale mining, that said, please dont use Buildcraft quarries, they make lag, use ender-quarries instead please. No abusing portal/gravity guns, we know they can move blocks so please dont go misusing them, again, this is likely to mean an instant ban. be cautious with TNT/reactors/things that go boom, you dont know whos near you, unshielded reactors will be deleted if found, proper shielding means at least 3 layers of reinforced stone. We do not accept griefing on the server, mild, nondestructive pranks are fun and fine, but leave the destruction and carnage out of it. PvP may be enabled, but only use in self defence. For server reasons we must also ask that you avoid making mystcraft ages, if you make them, we will delete them, this is purely to keep the server running as smooth as possible. If you are about ask for mod privelages, best bet is to just assume you already asked and we already said no. i have run Admin on several servers before and it gets really annoying. more rules may be added at a later time.

application guidelines; Send applications to ADMIN@ATLASMC.EU

IGN (ingame name):

Time played on FTB weekly?:

Why are you interested?:

What sort of player are you? (quiet solo or community player?):

Do you agree with our rules?:

The Admins Maliece (owner) TanisHalfelven more to come.

other the IP will only be given to successful applicants, if after a week since applying you do not get a response, assume you did not succeed.

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