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[3.0.1] Coolax-Gaming Infinity Evolved


If I was being honest the manager of the network (JenJen) is only in it so she can control people coolaxgaming (owner) is a good guy that just doesn't see the other side of jen jen is very rude and if you wanna compare her to something imagine this... You know when you go to school and then theres that one chick that is nice to you yea jen isn't that one chick. shes the one that's just talking behind your back but if your a staff member she says it too you and you cant do anything because cola doesn't know and jen denies itso management ill give 5/10 but then theres vethar nd idk if illuded is still staff but those two where the best divine as well but yeah this is all I gotta say idc about grammar and stuff
Posted 2nd Feb 2019
TBH, I used to be staff on this server and it was kind good in the beginning. Then I met one of the managers and he had me use Tor to falsely vote on the website. Though, I had no idea this was against FTB server rules, though I know now. Also, the review below me is fake. The manager made fake accounts and posted them on their server websites.
The server replied:
None of our managers in the past or present ever encourage using fake websites to vote. Also, staff are directly recruited by the managers so you meeting one later on rather than the start proves that this story is complete slander.
Posted 3rd Oct 2017
This is a well made ftb infinity evolved server. There is always staff on the server who are willing to help you.
Posted 3rd Apr 2017