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Totally Twisted Gaming FTB Infinity Evolved Server

Totally Twisted Gaming FTB Infinity Evolved Server


Don't let the fact that this is our first public server concern you, our development staff have over 5000 hours of Minecraft FTB server playtime under their belts so experience is certainly not lost here.

We have opted for the Infinity Evolved modpack on the standard difficulty and have teamed it up with some extra server side mods to make sure your experience and enjoyment is top of the priority list. Feel free to roam the 10,000 x 10,000 pre-generated world to find your perfect home or team up with friends if you'd prefer. The inclusion of FTB Utilities ensures your builds are safe from griefers and thiefs. If someone does manage to foil the protection, our active staff team will be on hand to assist you.

We don't believe in restricting items from players and as such there are no banned items at this time! none! not a single one! We have disabled Mystcraft though, as RAM doesn't grow on trees no matter how hard we try and bonemeal them!

PVP is welcomed on our server but only if both parties agree to it first....who doesn't want to kill each other with matter cannons right?

To accompany the server, we also run a TeamSpeak server with plenty of room for you and your friends.

(in case you hadn't noticed, we are very community based and welcome lone wolves and groups alike - nobody needs to feel out of place in our community!)

So with all that being said, we look forward to seeing you on our server soon, good luck and happy building!

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