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What we are about
PrimeGaming is a server for the players by the players. Our aim is to be a Mature Minecraft community first and a server second. We want to give all of our members a voice in the future of the server . We are currently a Infinity 1.4.1 server.


  1. Do Not in any way inhibit other players enjoyment of the game. This includes griefing, chat spam, and raiding (in some worlds raiding will be allowed).
  2. NO cheats or hacked clients. If you are using X-ray and taking only the best ores you are breaking rule #1
  3. Keep the world looking nice. No 1X1 towers or floating trees.
  4. Don’t be an ass.

Once you have commented or replied to this I will send you the IP for the server

Please leave the IGN and age to get the IP. We are 18+

I am looking for a few mature players to help me admin/mod the server. And I am also thinking about getting a few to build an awesome spawn area. If you are interested please quote this with you're IGN and age. Thanks in advance

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