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MCJack Gaming


Lag free server 24/7 up time and low ban items.


No cheat
No griefing
No toxic like behavior.
Have fun

1.7.10 Server list.

 Modpack                    version              Connect IP
Lobby                       1.7.10
Infinity 2 Normal           2.6.0
Infinity 3 Normal           2.6.0
Crackpack                   1.1.0
Space Astronomy             1.5.5
Project Ozone 2             2.2.4

Banitem List.

1.10.2 Server list.

 Modpack                    version               Connect IP
Infinity lite                 1.3.3
Direwolf20                    1.2.2

Banitem List.

For more info please go to

this is the best server by far i ever played staff and owners are alway active and ready to help in any way they can and just doesn't stop there with the crackpack there are crashes every now and then but the owner is there are finds out what caused it and fixes it and get the server back up and running in no time
Posted 5th Sep 2016
This server is the perfect FTB server. They have many different packs available including, but not limited to; Crackpack, Inventions, Infinity 1, and Infinity 2. The community is also very nice and extremely helpful. The admins and owner all talk to the players and help them when they need it. It is a no-griefing server, which is also very nice. All-in-all a wonderful FTB server.
Posted 5th Sep 2016
10/10 would come again, wide verity of mod packs to play on all with usually 20 TPS, rarely ever drops, and if it does, it is only for a couple seconds.
Posted 14th Aug 2016
This server is a load of fun, and I think I'll be spending the rest of my time on this server.
Posted 14th Aug 2016
The serer is quite laggy, sometimes to the point where you can do nothing.
Posted 7th Aug 2016