This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MCJack Gaming


Server list

Main Lobby [Any version including modded]

RLCraft [2.8.1]

CrackPack 3 [3.0.6]

Infinity [3.1.0]

SkyFactory 4 [4.1.0]

Lag free server 24/7 up time and low ban items.


No cheat
No griefing
No toxic like behavior.
Have fun

For more info please go to

This server is great the community is a great one. The server have alot of good modpacks like atm3 sevtech stoneblock 2 ozone 3. i would recommend the server to anyone looking for a modded server
Posted 2nd Jul 2019
This server is really bad laggy. Im not lying i went to geolocation with server's IP and found out its using Cox connection that means this server is homemade. also Cox is not good at hosting server its 30mbps upload ISP's highest speed maxed for upload its not running fiber optics So i think owner is full of bullshit. under 30mbps upload its really laggy I tried to connect server i kept getting out timed And my connection is pretty good but Why it does out timed? I suggest you don't play this server and i got banned because i said this server uses homemade connection so its bad i think its olny ideal for handling 5-10 players with low upload speeds then its will be fine. I don't understand why owner cant just buy hosted server they are better and lagfree And if owner says lie lie free lag You should think careful he is full of bullshit...
Posted 2nd Dec 2018
Server lags all the time, doesn't matter which one your on, WORST staff support I have ever seen. I lost an item due to a server issue and was ignored on that. Ask for help on several occasions and they ignore everything. Their only good staff is man_of_stone.
Posted 15th Jun 2018
I love this server, the owner is so chill, he helps out a lot and the staffs under him are very helpful also. The servers aren't laggy and when it is it's resolved in no time.
Posted 30th Oct 2017
I really like this server, i started playing since a couple months ago and still find it really enjoyable to play on, players are friendly, owner and staff are active and helpful when there is a problem they fix it as fast as possible, the server is pretty much always at 20 tps.
From my point of view this is a 10/10 server, i highly recommend anyone to play on there if you like to have fun.
Posted 30th Oct 2017
Excellent FTB server. The community is very welcoming. The staff quite active, and are always willing to help in any way they can. Hosts servers for a variety of different modpacks and is always working on expanding. I've had loads of fun on this server and recommend it to anyone looking for a FTB server to play on.
Posted 30th Oct 2017
Was a 'crackpack' server, it was apparently down for "fixing". Okay, whatever; let's keep going.
I decided to play FTB Skyfactory 3 on it, and here are the problems:
No island/proper protection plugins aside from a stupid manual shovel, night cycle lasts 5 seconds. But here's the fun part, I noted a grammatical error on their website
I pointed it out, owner (?) got extremely defensive and my friend was being an asshole, I mentioned that any web "developer" should know how to run a spell check/diy. Got asked if I was "based" with 'ImALolNoob' then got permabanned for no reason other than being smart? Not even acting smart; just being smart and polite by pointing out an error.
Headed over to their Discord for an explanation, then found out 'Sharkske' is the owner and thought no hope; I was right as I got blocked off the Discord by just asking for an explanation.
Staff (or maybe just the owner?) aren't "friendly", unfinished-feeling Skyfactory 3 server with low players on and their website isn't a plus either.
Just my 2 cents.
The server replied:
Yes i maybe a asshole but a fair one, i try to keep a positive server with positive in game chat, and both you and your friend the full time had nothing but negative things to say calling my admins and myself stupid, being rude to other players in chat i guess you left that part out of the review, but i get it, you just wanna make us look worse cuz you will get a kick out of it, there is a saying for this "If you got nothing good to say dont say nothing at all." Everything you said within the chat was negative so if u didn't like the server go play somewhere else, i just made it simple for us both.

Most of your review is false.
- CrackPack is a old dead modpack prob down for good.
- And if you knew what enjin was you would know you cant really call the person working on it a web developer.
- And you got block on discord cause you changed your name to mine and was making funny comments acting like a child ofc im gonna block you.
- Nothing you said during your time here was polite by any means.
- Also the img you displayed of the website is a typo of a admin who put one extra c in the word recommended now how does that make someone stupid justify that for me please.
Posted 29th Oct 2017
This is by far the best server that I have been able to find. The staff is friendly and very helpful and the player community is amazing as well. They host several different mod packs including but not limited to sky factory 3, infinity, infinity lite, dire wolf 20, crack pack, Beyond, project ozone, and one of a kind kickn pack. Each server has an economy and voting system with rewards, great items for purchase in the donator store and all around amazing lag free servers. I always find myself coming back to this server
Posted 14th Jul 2017
this is the best server by far i ever played staff and owners are alway active and ready to help in any way they can and just doesn't stop there with the crackpack there are crashes every now and then but the owner is there are finds out what caused it and fixes it and get the server back up and running in no time
Posted 5th Sep 2016
This server is the perfect FTB server. They have many different packs available including, but not limited to; Crackpack, Inventions, Infinity 1, and Infinity 2. The community is also very nice and extremely helpful. The admins and owner all talk to the players and help them when they need it. It is a no-griefing server, which is also very nice. All-in-all a wonderful FTB server.
Posted 5th Sep 2016
10/10 would come again, wide verity of mod packs to play on all with usually 20 TPS, rarely ever drops, and if it does, it is only for a couple seconds.
Posted 14th Aug 2016
This server is a load of fun, and I think I'll be spending the rest of my time on this server.
Posted 14th Aug 2016
The serer is quite laggy, sometimes to the point where you can do nothing.
The server replied:
lies all lies! my servers are lag free
Posted 7th Aug 2016