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deadhorse anarchy REVELATION


Hey, I am joleif, and I run the vanilla anarchy server deadhorse anarchy which I started in 2020 and has been fun to play and build a small community on.
Ever since I played on my first anarchy server, I was wondering... what if this was modded?
Since this is also something I heard from friends and players I decided to give it a shot:
Introducing deadhorse anarchy REVELATION - a feed the beast revelation anarchy server!
Due to the combined nature of anarchy and modded, I expect there to be difficulties and compromises to be navigated. I will try my best to keep the server alive while granting as much freedom as possible.
Simmilar to the vanilla server, revelation will not have any pay to win elements nor strive very far from the "vanilla" modpack experience. No rules, No claims, No ranks, No bullshit. Dupes will be patched.
Intrigued? Download the modpack from the official website! [Version: 3.6.0] (or using multimc/polymc)
and join the fun at :)

You can also join our discord:

Hope to see you soon!

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