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HellsSurvival (Extreme Survival)



ServerModPack: Infinity Evolved v3.0.2 Minecraft v1.7.10
There is tp'ing in the server but with a cool-down of 1minutes and 30 seconds, teleporting to someone else requires you to stay still for 3 seconds.
Be warned this server is HARD MODE!
(Isn't that why we love the challenge?)

Server ip -

Some context...

[ Some kind of flying demon ] : Hey you there i summoned you to this hellish portal to save and cleanse the world from impurity and waste. Help us grow and make the world pure again! And in return we will fund you with a pleasurable game time.

[ Some kind of flying demon ] : Hello survivor, like a challenge? I'm the portal guardian Alfredo
"Devil looks at you with a evil grin" If you make fun of my name il burn you! But anyways...

[ Alfredo ] : You have been granted 2 lives to start off with, when you die 2 times you are out of the game (not for good, but for a period of time).
/tpaccept and /tpahere are put on a cooldown of 3 seconds to stay still to be teleported and when teleporting the cooldown is 1 minutes and 30 seconds.

[ Alfredo ] : Remember buddy this is the survival of the fittest you may be killed right behind that burning gate right there, but fear not the second life i gave you will give you some time to consider how dangerous it really is out there.

[ Alfredo ] : Ps. We looking for more adventures to join our cause, know of any? Be sure to let them know about us.

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