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Machina Realms FTB Infinity


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Hello! Machina Realms FTB Infinity Hub is a new server, freshly opened, and developed by myself, and NeedleDoctor, currently we are a hub server, meaning we have an Expert mode server, and a normal mode server. so now is the time for you to join so you can really leave your mark and get ahead of the competition!

Since its the opening month, we are giving away a FREE rank to any player that comes on the server! So get online now and make sure you collect your free rank and money!

Upon joining the server I was met with a friendly welcome from the owner, and a few other players. Right off the bat I voted and received some awesome rewards that really helped out with the fresh start. The server doesn't Lag for me and I'm near Dallas, TX, Though I don't know where this server is hosted. The server has a very nice shop system and a very easy to use Land claiming system. You could pull a player straight out of Vanilla and toss them in here and they could get off to a good start into the world of modded minecraft.
Posted 23rd Nov 2016
This is a great server I really recommend it to other players if you like to play passively with people this is the server for you no raiding no lag just pure FUN!!!
Posted 20th Nov 2016
This is the best server I've played on in a long time, i would recommend anyone that wants to play minecraft.
Posted 13th Nov 2016
Great server, nice staff, and best of all a helpful community who likes to have fun. Join the server you won't regret it!
Posted 29th Oct 2016