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Beyond Server

Beyond Server [Razarr Publition] Join Now Free


Welcome to Razarr Publition!

We have created custom plugins to help run our servers.
One of these plugins allows our users to control when the server has a restart.
doing ' /reboot vote ' in-game will start a vote to restart the server, If enough players vote yes, then it will start counting down from 5 minutes and restart the server. This is a rarely seen feature on servers.


put Mekanism in your Mods folder

FTB Beyond -


Advanced Rang System. When you play on the Server, you can reach a higher Rang a have more Commands.


Be Respectful to both staff and players.
No hacking in any way, shape or form.
Do not intentionally lag the server.
Do not Dupe or use any exploit.
Do not Grief / Steal
Do not spam the chat.
Do not ask staff to use their powers for personal gain.
Full list with /rules

Come and join Razarr Publition!

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