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Sophisticated Wolf CrackPack

Sophisticated Wolf CrackPack! Discord


We are currently playing on a FTB Crackpack 1.7.10 server with the regular 198 mods. This pack has many cool mods that Infinity does not have like the Dungeons mod, Unicorns, and much much more. The current server hardware specs are: Intel 17 6700k, 16GB ddr4 ram, Samsung 950 Pro SSD. I have great internet for minimal lag and we have no banned items. Also we have a Discord for teaming and talking with peers and it is the home of our community. For those not familiar with Discord, it is a very simple to use beautiful application for gaming that has text and voice chat rooms kinda like Team Speak but better. If you have it I will put the link - If not do not worry we can always get you in when you join.

Sophisticated Wolf Crackpack server is a budding server and community. The community, though so very new, is very lively and polite. My only wish is that more people will come to see it's beauty and join the community. Sophisticated Wolf server features no extra plugins at the time being, and will continue to do so most probably. This allows the use of the already installed features in the FTB Crackpack. I, as one of the server founders, greatly appreciate this because some plugins can create un-needed lag. For people who fear not being able to set their home or buy things from a shop, there is a bartering system that is just near spawn, and the command for sethome is already with the Crackpack. I implore any and all users to come try out the server! Thanks!
Posted 1st Aug 2016