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Rhephemera is a Feed the Beast Mindcrack server that has so much to offer people, such as great plugins, amazing grief prevention, very active, friendly and professional staff, along with a developer that is constantly developing and adding content into the server, and fixing whatever problems occur in game. The features and content we offer are;

Crash Free - We've got intelligent features on the server that automatically restarts the server if it crashes

Lag Free - Another cool feature of the aforementioned is it restarts the server if it starts to lag.

Dodgeball! Never played dodgeball on Minecraft before? Well, this server has it, try it out!

Fully scripted arena's, ranging from Mob Arena's to spleef arena's, to a lot more!

Multi-Verse - We have a lot more worlds than what most FTB servers have, and because of that, we can offer a Twilight Forest where people can live, and 1 that's ment as a resource world.

Only 2 banned items! - Yes, you read right! Only 2 banned items, and that's the Canvas Bag (for obvious reasons), and the Portal Gun (Mainly because it doesn't just use the right click button.). Other than that, ALL other items in the server are fair use in the Resource Worlds!

A fully functional world economy! iConomy has been integrated into just about everything. Though don't worry, we offer many ways to get money with ease, from voting, to simply mining, fishing, chopping wood, or breeding animals. But that's not all, we are constantly looking at unique roles that people might take, or activities that people do and add it to the economy chain so it fits perfectly.

Along with economy, we have mcMMO. That simple plugin that you level up certain skills by simply doing whatever you want. And as you level up, mcMMO has been modified to give FTB materials when you reach the high levels.

SignBanks is feature that ties into iConomy, it's a simple bank plugin, but we've made it so that you don't have to go to the bank withdraw money. Along with that, we've also made a warp that allows members to teleport straight to the bank. This way if players want to deposit their money right away, they can do so without hassle.

Now, to protect people, I've made sure that most methods of griefing have been disabled. ex. Someone lures a creeper to your house and makes it blow up so that staff can't trace it. Well, fret not, we've completely disabled mob block damage, along with that we have lockette and another plugin that I'll mention later. Banned items such as the Wand of Excavation can be made by players, BUT! They disappear within 5 seconds no matter where the player puts it. So griefing is pretty much impossible at the moment, but we're always looking into (if any) all player grief reports.

We must all agree, towny is a must. Which is why we've added towny, and all the good things that come with it!

Votifier and GAListener. A server without Votifier is not really a server at all, especially if you don't get reward for taking time out of your day to vote for the server. Well, we've taken it a step further. Aside from the basic rewards you get for voting, you also have a chance to get items from 1 of the 3 tiers of lucky rewards the server has to have. So not only do you get your basic reward, you get your basic reward + a chance at a lucky tier reward!
This is the part that not many people like to hear about. But this does help keep the server up. We have fair donator rewards, nothing too overpowered, but we definitely reward you with features that would DEFINITELY be helpful to you in your survival career!

We are pretty fair and lenient on our rules, and rule enforcement. We do not ban people right away. If a player were to break the rules, we jail them first. And if they break the rules 3 times, their punishments escalate to 2 temporary bans, then a permanent ban. We're doing it like this, because in our past experiences with Minecraft server, the staff on a lot of servers were much to strict on the rules. Now, just because you get temporarily banned, doesn't mean you can't appeal it.

Godly enchants, yes, I said it, godly enchants! A certain plugin we have allow the staff to give out items with "higher-than-normal" enchants, which we give out on a daily basis in events!

CoreProtect, this plugin is what allows use to keep users COMPLETELY protected from grief, and ban the players that dare to grief.
Along with all this, we are always either the first server to upgrade to the newest version of Mindcrack, or one of the first.

The most important thing is fair gameplay. We are completely hack and x-ray protected.

Because of our excellent host, we either have little, to no block lag. Along with competent staff that keep the server crash free.

So, with all that said, why not give us a shot? There's nothing to lose, so we, the staff of Rhephemera, hope to see you in game!

All this, and a hell of a lot more! With constant updates and content constantly being added to the server.

Our staff is friendly, polite, and very helpful. The world of Rhephemera hopes to bring you a very unique and fun minecraft experience, so why not join now and give Rhephemera a try?

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