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Ender Effect FTB Beyond. Companies

Ender Effect FTB Beyond. Companies&Achievements !

grade flare
Server Spawn

Server Spawn

You spawn in a corporate city full of life
Ender Effect City

Ender Effect City

Create your own company and rise to the top in the city of success
Build your heart out

Build your heart out

Tired of city life? Explore the world and build your own sanctuary.
Custom dimensions

Custom dimensions

Explore new worlds in search for rare resources
A lot of options

A lot of options

From casual play to competitive achievement hunting, we have it all

We run FTB Beyond v1.10 !

Ender-Effect is a modded minecraft server network. We have lagfree servers and an awesome team of staff. We provide amazing content and always strive for the best support. A server by players for players.

For our first server we are launching the latest FTB Beyond modpack server with some cool new features :

  • COMPANIES : Every player can create their own company and start selling products they manufacture. Full guide can be found here
  • ACHIEVEMENTS : We created a list of achievements where you get rewards for completing them. Full guide can be found here
  • CLAIMS / ANTI GRIEF : Create a claim easily to protect your items. Get more claimblocks every 30 minutes.
  • PVP TOGGLE : You can toggle PVP on and off.
  • FAIR RANKING SYSTEM : We don't believe in pay2win so besides the donorshop you can achieve the ranks ingame.
  • CUSTOM DIMENSIONS : We created an array of amazing dimensions to explore and to gather some more rare resources
  • SUPER ENDGAME : We have custom recipes for some super endgame items. You won't get bored easily on our server!
  • NPC SYSTEM : We have custom NPCs who can help you with some ordinary tasks.

Check out our website on or join directly through our IP

Awesome Server, great community as well as the Staff members!!!
Posted 14th Jul 2017