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Networks Infinity Evolved

404Networks Infinity Evolved 2.6.0


Getting sick of servers banning all of your fun toys? Want to test them out to their full extent on someone's base? Don't want to get banned because you thought someone the value of staying hidden?
404 Networks presents a safe space for all those who hate safe spaces. The only rule is do not intentionally cause lag or crash the server. As long as you follow that then you're allowed to build, raid, destroy, and anything else you can imagine. This is not a server where you join and trust everyone. Invite your friends to play with you or take the chance to trust a stranger who may stab you in the back.
Admins do not provide any in game assistance to boost players nor do they interfere with fights/arguments. The only time an admin will play a role in the server is if someone is caught using a hacked client or other mods that creates an unfair environment. If you chose to cheat on this server an admin can chose to cheat with his/her own abilities to handle the situation. Bans will only occur if the cheating creates lag or crashes the server.

tl;dr No banned items, anarchy, and don't intentionally lag or crash the server.

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