This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[Unleashed 1.1.3] [PvP] Timber-Networks [Factions]


Server has updated to 1.1.3!


Welcome to Timber-Networks. Our server features the mod pack: Feed the beast unleashed with Biomes o' plenty, Xeno's requilery, Power converters, Hats, HatStands and nether ores. For those of you who don't know, Feed the beast unleashed is a brand new mod pack that runs on Minecraft 1.5.2. It features many mods (Mod list below). The server runs factions and also offers a player shop. One of the main rules of the server is the fact that no griefing is allowed. You are allowed to kill other players but you cannot grief other players. Griefing other players will result in a ban. On the server, there are few banned items as most items are instead reserved for donators. For example a griefing tool known as the Wand Of Excavation is capable of griefing faction land. However donators are trusted to use it for mining not griefing. This is a similar scenario with other items. However almost every item can be used by everyone. For a list of the server's best features, see below for a full feature list.

Feature list!

No griefing
TreeFeller (Allows you to chop down a tree by breaking the bottom block with an axe. Supports modded trees and axes!)
Teamspeak access
Intergrated website (enjin)
Helpful and active staff
Friendly community that will be glad to help you

Tutorial (How to install FTB unleashed)

~ Download the FTB launcher (

~ Install on the desktop or wherever you want it (You can create a desktop shortcut later)

~ Choose the FTB Unleashed pack 1.1.3

~ Click ok and install the modpack.

~ Select the mod pack from the list of mod packs on the left.

~ Click the "edit mod pack" tab at the top of the launcher.

~ Enable the following mods: Reliquary, Biomes o' plenty, Power converters, Hats, HatStand and Nether ores.

~ Add your Minecraft account by entering your username and password at the bottom of the launcher.

~ Launch Feed the beast unleashed and join:

If you were unable to follow these instructions or need help then please ask a member of staff on our teamspeak!

Teamspeak ip:


Our server policy is simple. Our server rules are simple. If you break a rule then you will be punished. If you are caught breaking a rule then you will be questioned by a member of staff and then dealt with accordingly. If you have an accusation of someone breaking a rule post a ban request on the website and make sure you provide evidence (screenshot/video)

Rules list:

~ PvP is allowed

~ Do not ask for ranks/items

~ No stealing from any form of storage

~ Duping or any other form of exploit is not allowed

~ Using any form of hacked client that will give you an advantage over other players is not allowed

~ Any kind of 3rd party clients that grant you extra abilities like flying are not allowed. (If you want to see if your 3rd party client is allowed ask a member of staff before it's too late)

~ Offensive language is not allowed

~ Spawn camping is not allowed

~ Griefing is not allowed

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