This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[Whitelist] [16+] || FTB Monster Server


This server will be focused on community, and experiencing FTB without being griefed, looted, or robbed. Most of the progress of the server will be up to the players. The server is still being developed and set-up now, so a lot of what the community wants will have a heavy impact on the future.
We're intended to be entirely 'legit', the staff is prohibited from spawning items for themselves and we don't go giving out diamonds or ultimate hybrid solar panels to donors.
Right now, the server has 2 disabled mods in the Monster Pack enabled, this includes Biomes o Plenty and Lycanites Mobs. You'll have to enable these to connect to the server. To do this, select the monster pack in the FTB launcher and hit 'Edit Mod Pack' near the top then enable the 2 listed mods.
I don't plan on ever increasing the slots past 30, however I may add more servers under the name, but it wouldn't affect this one.
Lastly, there is a age limit of 16.

Head over to for more info and the application process.

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