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TheNodeMC - Modded Minecraft


We are a well-established Minecraft network run by an experienced management team. We have been running modded (and vanilla!) servers for several years (even as far back as Tekkit Classic 1.2.5!) and now we are back to take on the new Modded Minecraft landscape!

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TheNodeMC - Modded Minecraft Servers

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CUSTOM TECHNIC MODPACK: The PixelNode Pack ----> Join through our lobby! IP:

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Server Features

  • Friendly Staff and Community
  • Minimal Lag
  • Very Few Banned Items
  • Grief Protection (Nations, GriefPrevention)
  • Large World Border
  • Voting Rewards
  • Starter Kit
  • PvE
  • Free rank and kit for joining our website!
As previously stated, the server can be laggy at certain times, due mostly to individuals causing large amounts of lag. For me, the lag is minimal and doesn't affect my play experience much.

I feel that this server itself has a better community in terms of staffing and playerbase than most servers that are around at the minute, and offer a friendly, yet mature server to play on. The rules are pretty easy to follow.

While yes, I would like an economy, I feel that trading between players is better because it lets players decide what is more reasonable to them. I do agree that maybe more cool features could be implemented, but I do not think this is a bad server.

Overall, a good server to play on with or without friends, due to the community and the atmosphere felt while on the server. 4/5.
Posted 1st Jul 2017
I don't think many reviews here will be honest as every 3 reviews you get a give away and it said better reviews means better rewards. They edited the message in discord now to remove it (as seen by edited caption below the discord msg) but I know what I saw, I cannot be silenced.

if you want false promises by staff regarding feature updates and like to be manipulated, come here. But the quality of servers are very poor. They tried running the sf3 server like a Pixelmon server (which they have experience in), but these are two very different Modpacks, with Pixelmon more event and give away driven, and sf3 servers driven more by cool features and economy integration, and STABILITY. This server is very bad with tps lately, even with around 15 players online. I will edit my review as I play to update you guys on if they fix up their act, but if you don't see any edits, then...well you get what that means.
Posted 1st Jul 2017
Shame a Few salty players (like below) have to drag down the experience and deter future players from having fun.

The staff are friendly and willing to give you a hand when needed. The community itself is friendly, and while there is a "no boosting" rule people are usually kind enough to give you a helping hand without ruining the whole experience for you.

No idea about the comment about no economy, it's all player driven with no OP admin shops. So basically you have to work hard (or trade well) for your items!

The announcements are a little bit spammy and at points the tps is a bit low, but usually bounces back up once islands have loaded in.

Just to reiterate I too am part of the discord server where they advertised "3 reviews = a giveaway" at no point did they say it has to be a good review nor does it have to score highly affecting the quality of prize. It simply stated 3 reviews regardless of calibre.

All in all, a decent SkyFactory experience, worth a shot
Posted 1st Jul 2017
I wasn't happy at all with this server experience.
The server has really quite poor tps, highest it will ever be is 15, but reaches as low as 2, and averages 10tps.
Plus ingame features are really lacking. There is no real economy, there are no good guides at spawn to help you get started, staff is very non responsive, as is the community when you ask for help.
As I said before, no good server features, it's almost like playing single player sf3, or sf3 on a friend's Lan hosted server.
You get spammed with broadcasts announcing things at too regular an interval, and when I mentioned it to staff, they said "it isn't that frequent we only have important info here". You tell me if an announcement every 30 seconds isn't repetitive.
All in all, wouldn't recommend this server AT ALL, all the good reviews here are because the server advertised for every 3 reviews they will have a drop party, and good rates reviews will mean rarer rewards, don't take these good reviews seriously, you'll be able to tell they are fake!
Posted 1st Jul 2017
I play on this server every day and morning, it runs amazing compared to the other SF3 servers I have tried, all of the staff are wonderful, and try to ensure you have the best possible experience you can have! I really hope anyone wishing to try SF3 would come join here.
Posted 1st Jul 2017