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Hey, mroberts6 here and I am bringing you a brand new server for FTB called MiningUnlimited! You build anywhere and its a pvp server so don't get mad if your stuff is stolen from pvp. Of course I am the owner.

Server info:

Website: here you can find the forums, where you can meet up with players and stuff like that.

Ram: 4GB
Host: Minocity Hosting
Rules: No cheating, hacking or spamming. No Racism, No disrepescting players or staff, no gender discrimination , Keep swearing to a minimun, no asking for op, promotions or items, and no glitching out blocks
Disabled mods/items: No mods banned and the mystcraft books are disabled along with nukes and industrial TNT.
Server Difficulty: Normal
Server is still in beta so there may be quite a bit of bugs.
NOTE: The only way to get to the twilight forest is the portal at spawn so dont complain if you cant make a portal.

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