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CFG Infinity

CFG Infinity (Normal)


CFG Infinity Servers
We use Grief-Prevention for protection so plz use a shovel
Our servers Have very little lag we try to pre-loaded our maps
Plz Read Rules for every server and be kind in chat

-Staff are creepy and follow you everywhere in vanish mode
-Abusive to players
-Arrogant and harassing
-hella dead server
-laggy and low performance
Please don't join this, you'll get started and enjoy it then get banned and lose all your progress to only have the admins claim your items for themselves. Really really suckish. Worst server I've played on yet
Posted 3rd May 2019
This is a great server with friendly and reliable staff members! #cfgfamily
Posted 5th Nov 2017
From MrWarlockFTW

I love this server!
The staff is very helpful and ready to catch cheaters/griefers/dupers.
Cheaters are crushed before they can do much by one of the awesome staff.

A lot of servers ban items instead of police the server
instead of banning the players that misuse the item.
Not carbon fiber gaming (CFG) they will do what it takes to make the server a place that the honest player can use not abuse the items in the mod pack.

I vote every day and so do a lot of other people.

The players have a wide range of age and skill and I have met a lot of great people.
I feel like I can play hear for a long time and not fear the server is restarting the map every month or so and that is a wonderful thing.
Posted 21st Oct 2017
I’ve been on this server for just about a month now. The staff is friendly, helpful, and work hard to keep the server running smoothly. The owner is involved in day to day management, listens to player feedback, and work with the community to improve everyone’s experience. Staff / Owner are generally in Discord, interacting with and helping players. Far fewer items are banned on this server than other servers I’ve played on. The community is strict on cheating and griefing, which is great.

I’m really enjoying my time on this server and with this community.

Journey well,
Posted 20th Oct 2017
sentiment_very_satisfied is probably the most professionally ran, family oriented server running Minecraft and Unturned available today. They strive to meet and exceed costumer expectations and succeed in most circumstances. They offer lots of rewards for participating in community upkeep like voting and helping with other players on the server. There isd almost always a staff member on and are very quick to deal with any issues. I hope as many people as possible will come give this community a chance. I promise, you wont be let down. #cfgfamily
Posted 19th Oct 2017
By far the best server I have ever played on. The admins AND owners are always in discord chatting with the players of both their hard mode and normal FTB servers. They have VERY FEW banned items and are always keeping the server cheater free.
The staff even play the game with the community and are always around to answer questions. One of the staff even decided to move next to me because he liked the place I build. Also requesting help in building his area.

I am amused that someone who most likely has not even been on the server would accuse a community for botting votes. Sites have algorithms that can and will detect any type of botting. Seeing that this community is still active, I think your just trying to cause a problem in which doesn't need to be an issue. Botting votes is so 1990's try coming up with a much more valid excuse to throw heat at a server just because we have a great community.
I believe this community has by far the friendliest staff as well as owners/founders who actively interact with everyone.

Hopefully you will join the server one day so you can have the time of your life on Minecraft FTB! :)
Posted 19th Oct 2017
Always a wonderful time playing here, pleasant community, friendly players, helpful mods. It's nice to have a wonderful server to play on. #cfgfamily ! -SilverRose13
Posted 19th Oct 2017
Such an open and friendly community with extremely helpful and welcoming staff. By far the most wonderful minecraft server I have ever been on. I honestly could never ask for a friendlier community than this one. As long as you follow the rules and respect others they will treat you with all of the kindness and care of a family. They have worked hard to bring the player a enjoyable experience and you can tell just within a few moments of playing. And with staff members on almost constantly any issues are resolved quickly and if they have the knowledge to help you with working out something they will be there in a second. I absolutely love this server and its community.
Posted 19th Oct 2017
i can promise we do NOT bot votes if we did there is no way we would be at a low rating stay off my vote sites making stuff up just because we are at a higher rank then you take some advice require that all your staff vote every day and offer really good stuff for voting like we do so they will vote
Posted 19th Oct 2017
This server is botting for votes - Which is cheating on this serverlist. I can't vouch for the services, But if they're being shady about getting votes, I wouldn't bother to join since you could be put at risk.
Posted 9th Oct 2017