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BuilderCraft FTB Stoneblock

BuilderCraft FTB Stoneblock 2[Plugins][24/7]


24/7 stoneblock 2 server V: 1.15.0


  • Shops
  • Universal Market
  • Teams
  • Few Banned Items
  • 24/7
  • Plugins
  • Vote Rewards
  • Chunk loading allowe (when your online)
  • Jobs
great server, nice people and the restarts after some time are good for less lag. ~GerjanAap
Posted 28th Oct 2019
Very good player base there is not block lag and all around good server. - ButterFive
Posted 28th Sep 2019
overall skilled owner ready to tackle any tasks, setup pretty solidly, minimal lag [it's sb2 so there will always be some] otherwise, it's pretty fun
Posted 24th Sep 2019