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Lingiacraft Monster


We've switched to whitelist! Please visit our website for access.

"A project that has been a long time due; meet Lingiacraft's Feed the Beast: Monster. A server who's goal in life is to be the best Residential, Commercial, and Industrial experience you've had from a Minecraft server. Adopting the goals of the old SimCity line of games, we hope to achieve a balance of town owners building thriving, functional cities for their residents, along with a healthy amount of player shops to drive the economy, and finally, a wealth of industrial efforts to drive the player markets."

She's a different kind of Monster. A friendly staff, with a smile. Run by players like you, who're fed up with lax moderation, and terrible administration. We want to see you, the player, become the giant. The beast. The monster. Lets talk about Lingiacraft.

There are several things we hope to achieve on our server. The first and foremost is that we would like to provide a unique, never before seen experience that will attract users for the lifetime of the server. Using permissions and groups, along with our site-to-game rank integration, we're aiming to create a game environment that changes what you know about modded Minecraft.

Another part of the server's goal is to provide an experience for all three types of players: residential, commercial, and industrial. By this, we mean that we hope to see players working in each of the three fields, and specializing, in order to move ahead in the world. It all starts with mining or item harvesting, then moves into Item or block manufacturing, wholesale, markup, resale, and then finally, end user configuration.

Players won't be forced into any one type of play, so there's always a new adventure for those who've not stepped foot into the other arenas of money making.

For residential minded players, Towny is included to allow you to create the city of your dreams! Taxes are collected every day, and the big town's will likely see a nice chunk! Land value is always important, so make sure if you decide to make a town, that it is filled with plenty of public infrastructure!

For commercial minded players, ChestShop is our go-to guy for player to player trading. Do you have what it takes to stock your own shelves? Or would you rather buy in wholesale from an industrial player whom can harvest better then you can? The possibilities are endless! Players who cooperate in these sorts of deals will help the server thrive, and shine!

For industrial minded players, we have all the mods you need for all your harvesting, mining, bottling, bucketing, and manufacturing automation; we are running Feed the Beast: Monster after all! Sell individual items that you pick up to commercial entities, or even manufacture completed items for wholesale! The choices are yours, and yours alone!

As the server advances, we hope to have many, many more interactions with how players can engage in specific roles. Such include mini-games, and server wide events!

We hope to see you in-game! :D

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