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Aurora - Not so Parallel [Ger/Eng]


:E2E: Enigmatica 2 Expert [Aurora Server][GER/ENG]

Modpack: Old but gold!

We recently opened a Server for the Modpack E2E. Small server whit good atmosphere, hoping to improve as we go our track. Lets build the Community further and join today!

Server Ip:

Server Specs
i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz, 32Gb Ram, 1Gb up/down hostet in Switzerland.

-Usefull Plugings that prevent Griefing (LogBlock, RedProtect) and other handy stuff.
-No Pay2Win we dont want to get extra Ranks that you can buy whit your money (You already bought the game so.. )
-Op will keep track on improving the server on the fly.

Discord?? sure, here you go!

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