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TunERcraft FTB


hi! and welcome to my servers forum post on My name is Risto and i welcome you to my server, first things first! this is a small server, so if your looking for a BIG! server then leave ;(

NOW! the rules:

Greifing is allowed (protect your land) Stealing is allowed (protect your land) Swearing is not allowed (shut up) WRITING WHILE CAPS LOCK IS ON, NOT ALLOWED! (turn caps lock off) Asking for rank-ups is not allowed (dont ask for rank-ups) Spamming is not allowed (dont spam) building ugly things is not allowed (dont build ugly things) asking for free stuff is not allowed (dont ask for free stuff) begging me to make another map/server is NOT fucking allowed (-.-)

THAT'S ALL! CONGRATS YOU JUST READ THE RULES! pro tip: dont read them agian IG!

NEXT the staff:

SandiManLOL2 Ungru2 we need more!!

Mod/Admin Application:

IGN: (optional) Skype Name: A guy asks for free stuff! What to you do? A guy asks how to protect land! What to you do? A guy is in jail and calling the owner a asshole! What to you do? Someone is spamming! What to you do? Someone is Greifing! What to you do? THAT'S IT!

BTW 4gb of my RAM dedicated to the server!!

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