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SkizzyCraft is a new dedicated server I created. I am looking for new members to join.

The server is running Bukkit. With many plugins. A permissions plugin is set in place. So I can set ranks. There is also a Faction plugin that allows users to claim there own land to protect from greifers.

I am currently looking for some dedicated loyal people who would like to be an admin or moderator on my server. I also need someone to help me with setting up certain plugins.

The Server is running The DireWolf20 modpack for Minecraft 1.4.7.
There are many mods disabled. Simply because there are a lot of mods in this pack that do not appeal to me. There are many mods I find "OP", and certain mods that I find strain the server to much.

RedPower, IC, BC, ThaumCraft, and thermal expansion, and a few other mods are enabled.

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