This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Bacon Gaming [TPPI][PvE][18+][Towny][Whitelist]


Like Bacon? Like Minecraft? Come join us! We're a fairly new server, with even newer bacon sizzling on the grill just for you! :D

We haz Towny to make your Town of Bacon, SignShop to sell your bacon, Prism to find who stole your bacon, and the timeless Essentials to teleport back to your Bacon Lair. And a few other minor plugins that don't contribute much to bacon.

While you're waiting for your furnaces to cook mawr bacon, talk about it in our Mumble! (it's basically TeamSpeak, but free for us to host)

Changes from Stock TPPI:

  • Staff of Traveling disabled (warp into player bases)

  • Highly destructive, abusable Witchery spells disabled

  • Dartcraft Bomb Griefing disabled (destroys Secret Blocks only)

  • IC2 Nuke Crafting disabled (Atom Bombs are TOTALLY not abusable as a grief tool)

  • Added Rougelike Dungeons (no extra client mods needed :D )

Banned Items List:

  • The Sacred Rubber Sapling - because generating a 200-block radius tree TOTALLY doesn't cause problems at all

  • Automation of Advanced Genetics (violently bloddy crashes)

  • Twilight Forest Crumple Horn (grief), Ore Magnet (grief)

  • Transfer Nodes (horrific crashloops and requiring us to summon the McEdit Cthulhu)

Banned Items can still be made for crafting recipies - you just can't place them in the world or use them for nefarious purposes.

We don't believe in nerfing your choices in the name of extra balance or fleecing $4.99 from you for the Chunkloader Kit - we just want to minimize griefing and server crashing/lag. Last thing you need is your bacon chests being replaced with a giant ripped-out hole in the ground. :(

Basic Rules:

  • Thou shall not steal, grief, or be a nuiscence. Prism is really, really good at Zooming In And Enhancing stuff, even before anyone notices what you've done!

  • Thou shall not repeatedly beg for items, ranks, town membership, etc. Casually and politely asking for stuff's fine, but spamming chat's a no-no.

  • Thou shall not give endgame items to new players, or otherwise catapult them to endgame! If you want to co-op together, that's fine. We just want to ensure that players HAVE a challenge to play through AND be fair to other new players.

  • Thou shall respect staff and other players. We brought bacon! That's reason enough to listen to what we have to say!

  • Thou shall not occupy or chunkload Mystcraft dimensions for longer than necessary! They lag more than other ones.

Dedicated Server Specs:

  • IP - /

  • CPU - i3-2130 @ 3.4 GHz, which we've been unable to lag thus far.

  • RAM - 4 GB (we have a lot of play and can add more really quickly!)

  • HDD: WD RE 250GB Enderprise HDD @ 7200 RPM

  • Number of world rollbacks: 0 (we like surgical repairs, not erasing all those GregTech endgame machines you FINALLY built and setup)

Hosted in Columbus, Ohio

Lead by the Great Hastling, and yours truly, Hastwell! We look forward to eating Bacon with you!

We now haz forums and a highly WIPish website! Create a forum account and whitelist post at including the following:

  • Your IGN

  • Age - to paraphrase those infomercials, you must be 18 or older to order!

  • Previous bans (if any) and reasons

  • A blood signature saying you have read dem rules and will follow them for all of eternity.

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