This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Stonebound Community


We're a small community founded in 2014 focused on a friendly and mature environment with very few rules and limitations.
Our staff team cares about you and the servers; if you have any issues with bugs we will make sure to restore everything. We do our best to reduce and monitor lag, and will work with players who create laggy systems to find a solution that works best for them and the server.

All our servers run on dedicated hardware hosted by OVH in Montreal, Canada and are online 24/7. New servers are launched regularly to keep the community active, and we typically have more than one running at a time.

We also try to keep game limiting changes as low as possible while still maintaining stability.


To apply go to our website and post in the applications subforum. We are a 18+ community. Younger applicants may be considered but do not lie about your age.

Apply now!

This is a great server with a great community, the rules are strict thats why its a nice, enjoyable, safe place to play, people who have left a bad review are clearly people who aren't telling the whole truth and have broken the rules!
Posted 19th Aug 2019
I got banned for no fucking reason, i asked for a tp from an admin and got banned. What the fuck ? he said i looked like"the kind of guy who wouldn't fit in the community", and i literally only had the time to ask for a tp before getting banned.
Posted 24th Feb 2018
Thank you whoever, for the previous comment, that pretty much sums up why we like the Stonebound kids who feel like I was not caught for more than a year means I can have clean reputation are kept off, which means we have a friendly environment and good bunch on the white list. Have only had good interactions on this server.
Posted 22nd Dec 2017
They denied my request to join the server because of my background from like 2 years ago and after that became a patreon and pledged $5, let me tell you i worked hard for that $5 they dont pay kids much in north korea. then got banned on discord for "harrasment" even thought i just wanted to be whitelisted and didnt do anything wrong finally i used a vpn to join back but was kindly rejected with a nice little fuck you from a sweet little girls voice i know she sounded sweet but she hated me deep down. 0/10 server never played on it but tell you its a toxic community. (Graphika fuk u) <3
Posted 9th Aug 2017
This is an amazing server for anyone wanting a nice, safe, small and fun server to play on. The players are helpful and the staff will get with you to help resolve any problems you may have. I highly recommend playing on here for anyone looking to have a good time on a server. 10/10 by far.. ~TACOS_FOR_YOU
Posted 18th May 2017
can you whitelist me- Synthetic_lion
Posted 11th Jan 2017