This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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We are looking for dedicated Player base. If you think and feel that you fall in this category Come join The ElegantCraft Family.

We have Very Few Rules. They are as follows.

Rule 1: Do not spam
Rule 2: Do not grief spawn
Rule 3: Pvp is allowed in all Homes or protected zones that allow pvp.
Rule 4: Do not advertise other servers.
Rule 5: Swearing is allowed. YogCraft is not Family Friendly server.
Rule 6: Grief and raiding is legal to all unprotected Structures and items.

Here is our ranking system from lesser to greatest:

Apparition - Starter rank when you first join. No building or interactions. (Must signup to site to get promoted.

Builder - To get this rank you need to be signed up on our site. can build with vanilla blocks and use protection.

Technician - This rank can use FTB to its fullest. Must be active in actual game play to earn this rank.

Architect - This is a very hard rank to get into. Must not have any bans, Must be very active in forums and trusted with staff. Players in this rank can be called upon to do creative tasks for staff. (allowed Gamemode when helping staff)

Mod - This rank is set for players who have been with us for a long while. Staff applications are need. If you are new to the server I suggest play at least for a month(Actual in game time not signup) Can ban, have game mode and vanish. must have DropBox and Use our Teamspeak often.not have Favoritism towards players.

Admin - This rank is extremely difficult to get into must show elite skills in World Guard and not have Favoritism towards players.

Server - This is Closed. L0rdLogan is only player in this group.

Owner - Me Obviously.

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