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PathosCraft (Direwolf 1.6.4)


4d any plot you own you are able to rent it out to other players. You can set the price, and how long the rent is good for before they need to pay again. Admin shop is available to sell some items to make some starter cash! We use ChestShop for player shops which are simple to use and efficient!

PathosCraft has high standards of our staff, and only have the best of the best to help our players! We have years of experience in running modded servers, and are happy to admit we have almost 100% uptime. Backups are done every few hours, Map wipes are almost non existent as we are able to fix most problems in a timely manner. PathosCraft will also not become a dead server like most severs out there do! Family friendly environment, PVP, and griefing allowed just not in Towns/Nations/WG areas. Staff will always be fair and respectful, Never abuse powers, and never cheat in any way. We are highly community to our player base and love to get involved with the community.

You will just have to come check us our for yourself!

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