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Hard Rock Realms


Hard Rock Realms

We are a new server just starting out. The server is a Survial server with PVP enabled in the wild. PVP is disabled by default in claimed land. We are looking for Mature players who are looking for a great server to play on. Hope to see you online.

Server Details:

In order to join the server you require Feed The Beast - Unleashed 1.1.7. (We are require NetherOres and PowerConverters to be enabled in your mod pack)

Server Mods:

  • GriefPrevention
  • McMMO
  • BOSConomy
  • Voting Rewards
  • Ranks
  • Mob Arena
  • Dynmap
  • Web Stats
  • Many More


  • Be respectful
  • Use common sense
  • No duping items
  • No griefing
  • No hacks, Exploiting or Lagging the Server
  • No spamming and or advertising is allow.

Disabled Mods:

We are a survival server, and as such we believe that there should be a challenge in building up and creating your home...base...empire!!!. There are a couple mods in FTB which greatly reduce the challenge with getting high end materials and strong armor. Because of this we have disabled the following mods.

  • Equivalent Exchange 3
  • DartCraft

Banned Items:

We strive to reduce the banned item list. Our banned item list is limited to items which cause server issues and items which bypass grief protection. We have a number of plugins which resolve issues with FTB items and griefing which allows us to reduce our ban list. Our banned items are subject to change, so please read our website forums for the latest list.

  • 251 - Chunk Loader
  • 251:1 - Spot Loader
  • 407 - TNT Cart
  • 451 - World Anchor
  • 7778 - Wooden TNT Cart
  • 10258 - Unstable Ingots
  • 10266 - Division Sigil
  • 13446.* - Gravity Gun
  • 28019 - Crumble Horn
  • 28021 - Moonworm Queen
  • 29998.6 - Dynamite
  • 30214 - Sticky Dynamite
  • 30215 - Dynamite

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