This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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no lag ftb server


This server is still available to join but is no longer new and has been running for over a month

Hello everyone. I started a new 1.4.7 ftb ultimate server. I started my own server because i got tired of 7 year old admins and people who had no clue what they were doing. On this server i am going to attempt to make it one of the only ftb servers without lag. The server has 2gb of ddr3 ram so it should be able to handle everyone and there machines just fine. Spawn is always under construction as it is a community project. We are currently looking for around 15-20 users. depending on how the server handles it we may increase this number later. If you think this is one of those servers where if you bug the admin enough he will give you mod/admin think again.

What makes this server unique?
There are no banned items*
Mods/admins will NOT be allowed to spawn in items or go into creative. their only job is to mediate problems or to ban users who break the rules.
Anyone caught causing lag even by accident will be banned for a day. If the lag was created purposefully or it caused major problems then instant permaban
Pvp is allowed
limited pranking will be allowed. There is a major difference between griefing and pranking. if you don't know what it is then don't do it.
16+ age requirnment
should for whatever reason the server eventually close the world save will be made available for download so people don't loose everything they have done
What would get me banned?
Causing excess lag ie having your quarry spill out items everywhere
Greifing someones house
General rules
Dont cause lag
Dont grief
Dont be offensive to other players. (idk if you say dam or something similar but dont tell someone to f***k off)
There will be a system set up sometime when i get around to it. If you want to prank someone you must put your name on a list and the other user you are pranking must also be on the list. This ensure that users who dont want to participate are not suddenly shocked to log on and see something strange in their base

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