This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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InfernoCraft FTB Ultimate


FTB Ultimate

Welcome to InfernoCraft a new Feed The Best Ultimate server, which has great staff and a great community. Very few items and mods are disabled to ensure a grief-free server.

InfernoCraft, Where will your adventure take you?

Plugins on server:
Essentials Anti-Build
Essentials Chat
Essentials Group Manager
Essentials Protect
Essentials Spawn
World Edit
World Guard

Banned Items on server:
IC2 Mining Laser (Allowed users to break block in protected blocks!)
Thaumcraft Wand of Excavation (allowed users to break protected blocks!)
Portal Guns all types (Allowed movement of protected blocks & Portal to moon)
Gravity Guns
Both types (Allowed movement of protected blocks)
RailCraft tunnel bore (Allowed destruction of protected blocks)
StevesCarts Drills
(Allowed destruction of protected blocks)
Xeno Reliquary Hunters Handgun (Allowed destruction of protected block)

(These items were banned to increase the friendlyness of the server and decrease the amount of disallowed raiding / griefing of valuable land!)

** = Trusted players and players who have donated, may be allowed to trade crafting items needed to craft with OP's in exchange for the items in the future. (Server admins will be warned when items are used though)

Mods not installed:
GregTech (GregTech has a issue with the server that was causing it to crash)
= Currently trying to fix this issue but GregTech ores would only mine-able in new chunks & new ages!

Currently the server cap is at 20 but has recently been running with 30+ players on steadily on the Tekkit Space pack, we play to increase the cap as the server grows. (Yes i know, not as resource heavy as FTB but still not a easy thing to do, included multiple ages and worlds running at once)

Server is on a box equipped with a SSD, 3GB of ram dedicated to the FTB Ultimate server

We have two streamers frequently play the server:

If you have any questions feel free to join the FTB Ultimate channel on Teamspeak: :)

Download FTB Launcher Here:

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