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Tree Realms

Tree Realms [FTB] [Need Staff] [Towny]


Tree Realms Features:

-Fun Yet Mature Staff
-Monthly Events
-Necessary Banned Items

The staff is so nice! The community is the best. There are time ranks!!!
Posted 31st Aug 2016
No idea what that other guy is talking about... I've been online the entire day and nobody have complained about staff ignoring them. unlike other servers, they also have a ticket system.

It's a newer server, still in development. Plugins are optimized for higher population, but overall everything is running well. It's very new, I was the first to put anything for sale on the market.

Been playing so far, having fun, working on getting a decent storage system. May end up making a town with another player once I find a way to secure a steady flow of cash.

A bit of black lag here and there, probably a result of the server's amazing render distance. A lot of server limit render to damn near unbearable levels. Not here, default 10 it looks like. For that reason, I will endure the occasional hiccup. 90% of the time it's fine.

community is positive, discord is active. It's a good server get in on as it's starting out. If they keep up things, should continue to grow.

Posted 31st Aug 2016
Admin allowed other players to loot my tombstone. I was pretty far along and I use golden bags of holding to carry my stuff around. I died with a jetpack, dragon heart, my hammer, weapon, and bags full of other items. When I asked about the theft I was ignored even though 3 of the staff were on. Seemed like a good server at first but this showed their true colors.
Posted 31st Aug 2016