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Asgard Unleashed - Economy - GriefPrevention - Tra


Asgard is a Biomes'o'Plenty enabled Unleashed Server meaning we have a vast world of untold wonders to explore. Our main goals are to create a mature, friendly community that, most importantly is lag free.

Spawn is a floating Citadel high in the sky with an integrated market and portal hub using Mystcraft Linking books to connect all players to spawn. In addition to this there are also public portals to the Nether and to Twilight Forrest (The End will be added too once more fortresses are located)

You can view pictures and see server features by going to and browsing the forums!

In addition to basic server features we also have 4 unique Spleef Arena's for you to play with friends on, as well as a selection of unique custom made Mob Arena's and class types to either solo or team up to fight against. The longer you last the more goodies you get!

We have a tiered ranking system for players and multiple levels of staff support to help you with everything from finding your way around the server and website down to glitches with builds and rendering in game. We use a Ticketing System to record and respond ASAP.

We also have starter kits available for when you start and also for those long mining hauls when you think... bugger... no more torches but that cave looks so inviting! The server restarts every 3 hours to remove all traces of lag that may accumulate and ensure a smooth gaming experience for all.

The community itself ranges in ages from 10 - 35, with a vast array of experience from all the different mod packs so if your stuck, chances are "someone" will have been there and can help you out, and we are all always happy to help out when needed.


  • No Griefing or Stealing

  • Use common sense and don't insult others.

  • Be courteous and respect others

  • No spamming in chat, saying something once is fine.

    We have a number of banned and moderated items, where possible we try and leave a mod in but limit its impact, however these are the mods that are not 100% available.

Soul Shards - Disabled for Lag and Exploitation

Computercraft - Disabled for server security

Mystcraft - Moderated for server stability

Omnitools - Disabled as it breaks the server

GravityGun -Disabled as players where stealing each other!

Anchors - All but personal

In addition to this, explosives are disabled as are a few items that bypass all forms of protection.
So if this sounds interesting, stop by and say hi!

Server IP:
Server Website:

In order to log in you require the following to be enabled and no more then these!

Power Converters

----- Instructions -----

For those unsure how to do this, open the launcher as you normally would, select the "unleashed" mod pack and along the top there will be a button called "Edit ModPack", click it and add Biomes'o'plenty. By default it is in the right hand section, we want it in the left. Do the same for Power Converters and Reliquary.

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