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System MC | Direwolf20 MInecraft Version 1.6.4


Welcome to SystemMC:

Hello and welcome to the SystemMC family. The creation of this server is supposed to be enjoyable for all who would like to join, and yes, we are currently looking for staff members to fill key roles. These roles include, but are not limited to Administrator, Moderator, Recruiter, and Builder. All information need to join and apply for positions in the server are detailed below.

Supported Players: Forty-five (45)
Random Access Memory (RAM): 2.5 GB DDR3 ECC
Processor: Dual Xeon E5-2620
Hard Drive: Samsung SSD
Server Location: Chicago, Illinois USA

Server Subdomain (IP): (

This server is meant to be family friendly, so you following these rules can ensure a rich environment for the children that may or my not be connected.

Keep chat PG-13. This means that you are allowed to swear, but try to keep it at a minimum
This rule also rules out any sexually suggestive terms in chat.
Please try not to use the f-word in chat

Do not rage at or flame towards the community or any player in general.
Exploiting is not allowed.
Any client that would stand to give you an advantage is not allowed.
Any mods that would stand to give you an advantage are not allowed.
Listen to your administrators. If you believe that you were treated unfairly, report it to me directly.
You must be 18 years of age and mature.
You must have Raidcall.
You must be willing to keep an action log of things you did and email it to me every month.
You are in charge of all in game activity, including but not limited:
Moderator administration
Player administration
Developer administration

Any and all in game traffic is moderated by you, so you must be calm and mature at all times, stressful situation or no.

Action Log Format
[day-month-year (hour:minute am/pm EST)] Description of action taken.

[20-April-2015 (12:01 pm EST)] I banned {PLAYER} for {REASON}.

You must be 16 Years old, and mature.
You must have Raidcall.
You are in charge of all player activity.

You will be in charge of all recruitment posting.
This involves capturing screenshots of player activity and posting on behalf of the server.

You must be an excellent builder and be willing to put in many hours building spawns and adapting on them
This spot requires an Audition of sorts, I will give you a plot to build on and you must prove to me that you can build

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