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Server IP:
Download Feed-The-Beast and choose the ultimate pack

From the creators of MassacreCraft the first big prison server, We bring you a semi-futuristic prison using FTB (Feed-the-Beast).
We currently have 20+ Ranks with more to come at a later date.

Server Rules:

  1. No Spamming
  2. No Hacked Clients
  3. Have fun.
  4. No griefing.
  5. Report all who break the rules
  6. Respect the Wardens and Owners.
  7. No Sexual harassment.
  8. No Racism.
  9. Swearing is allowed.
  10. No refund from donations.
  11. If you find a bug report it to a warden AND owner yourself.
  12. Do not ADVERTISE on the server. Auto Ban
  13. Do not threaten any of our staff.


These are all the Basic Ranks and current costs:

  1. Associate - Starting Rank
  2. Hang-Arounds - Cost: $10,000
  3. Prospects - Cost: $15,000
  4. PatchMembers - Cost $20,000
  5. Lifers - Cost $25,000
  6. Road-Captain - Cost $35,000
  7. Sergent - Cost $60,000

From Here On There Outside Ranks

  1. Ex-Con - Cost $100,000
  2. Citizen - Cost $150,000
    From Ranks To Come

All Information on Rank visit our website :


We have three styles of donations which are below for more infomation on what they get and other perks visit our website : HERE
You Must Choose a Styles to go Down Once Choosing You Only Get One Mind Change.
(e.g You Can Only Move From Guard Ranks to Prisoner Rank Once and No Moves Back)
Choose Wisely
Plus We Use A Cumulative Ranking System
(Short Term Your Currently Guard To Get to Chief Officer You Only Need to Donate $30 Instead of $35)
Have a Question or Suggestion Email : or vist website

Prisoner Donations

These are all the Prisoner Ranks and Cost:
All These Rank Are Not ALLOWED Outside to freedom (ONLY PLACE ALLOWED IS /Warp Meet)

  1. Treasurer - $10
  2. Secretary - $20
  3. Vice President - $30
  4. President - $50

Guard Donations

These are all the Prisoner Ranks and Cost:
All These Rank Are ALLOWED Outside to freedom (But Must Remove Armour and keep it in Prison)

  1. Guard - $5
  2. Senior Guard - $15
  3. Chief Officer - $35
  4. Deputy Officer - $45
  5. Bureau Chief - $65

Plus Long Serving Members With No Reports/Complaints On Them Have A Chance To Get Moved To The Admin Team (Warden Rank)

Outsider Donations

These are all the Prisoner Ranks and Cost:
All These Rank Are ALLOWED Inside the Prison (But Not In Sectors Or WorkShop)

  1. Store Owner - $8
  2. illegal Dealer - $12
  3. The Rich - $55

More Rank Will Be Added At A Later Date to Fill In Gap Between "The Rich - Illegal Dealer"

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