This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FTB Fear's Unleashed


1.Profanity is allowed, but not directed at other users even if it is meant as a joke. Don't abuse it

2.No slurs, Racial, Sexual, Religious, etc. It will not be tolerated.

3.No spamming at all, if you neglect this rule than it will result in an instant ban.

4.Absolutely no advertising! [THIS IS THE MOST ENFORCED RULE]

5.No harassing other users. This will also result in an instant ban.

6.No 1x1 towers or holes.

7.No building anything that can be found offensive.

8.Most common and unneeded to be spoken rule, no griefing. It make it so others can enjoy the server as much.

9.No alternative accounts. If you were banned or demoted than there was a reason. We log all IP addresses that connect to the server.

10.Check with a admin if you client setup is alright to use on the server. If one of our Moderators+ catches you using any game modifying hacks or mods, you will gain the right to a free IP ban.

11.Please don't ask for ranks. It's just annoying and won't be tolerated. We will give you one warning to stop before we ban.

  1. Never ask staff for items or server currency. we will give you one warning to stop before we ban.

13.Mob grinding or timed redstone is ok. It lags the server for everyone and just isn't fun to play with lag but its ok to build it.

?Thank you for taking the time to read through or rules, and we hope you have fun on the server.


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