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Project Fusion Official Server

Night Time can be a dark and scarey place
But daytime makes up for it

Hi, We here at project fusion have put together a (currently unlisted public) mod pack which even experienced players will find challenging. Be warned this pack has lots of mods and is "mildly" progressive. We have set night to be pitch black, so if you are afraid of the dark this pack is not for you. Some of the notable mods are, Thaumcraft Hardcore Ender Expansion Aether II GregTech Tinkers Construct Railcraft Forestry Mariculture Industrial Craft 2 and 169 more mods.

We are running a server for anyone to play on. 100 slot 6 GB ram, No white-list, PVP enabled and no banned items "yet"

FTB launcher private pack code "Fusion" Server ip

We hope to see you in game some time but if single player is your thing feel free to enjoy that side of it too.

                 Thanks form Soarer and the Project Fusion Team

FTB Forum Post for updated mod list and change log

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