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~-~-~- MineUK Direworlf -~-~-~ [DIREWOLF] [COMMAND

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Welcome to MineUK!

~-~-~ What we offer -~-~-~

  • 24/7 Uptime (Except maintenance)

  • Commands such as /chunk /home /sethome /tpa and /spawn

  • Donation Packages + Perks

  • Mature Staff

~-~-~- Rules -~-~-~

~-~-~- Terms of Use -~-~-~

~-~-~- Banned Items -~-~-~

  • Nukes

  • iTNT

  • Mining Laser

MineUK started out 3 years ago as a vanilla Minecraft server. 6 months ago, we branched out into Tekkit, Feed the Beast then Mindcrack and now we have decided to branch out into Direworlf20!

Check out our website at

MineUK is now a Direworld20 server, delicious! The main gameplay is based around trade and co-operation between players. We like to encourage people to focus more on co-operative gameplay, but why do that when you can live off the backs of others!

We like to keep our server as re-playable as possible, hopefully meaning there is always something to do. Because of the extensive features of Mindcrack, the amount of time you spend getting to what would be considered the 'End-game' is greatly increased! We hope to run server events alongside the main game in order to keep things fresh, and so you never get bored! We are always looking for new ideas, please do not hesitate to contact staff with new ideas.

See you on the server!

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