This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Melancholy Ghast Hill


Currently recruiting staff/citizens

*Required for staff position
** Required
Skype is Preferred and will result in a faster white-list approval response

Only banned will be XycraftTanks as they caused a immense lag on multiple servers.Will be

re-enabled at another time.

Minimal rules:
1.Do not argue the Admins, If a problem is not solved through the 

Administrators Contact Owner through Skype.( Info in Spawn)
2.Racist/Sexist comments Will earn you Ban/Reported to Ban-lists provided online.No one should ever feel as if they're Color,Nationality or Gender determines anyone's' competency or rights in any manner.
3.While raiding is permitted,Consistent "bullying" or "Camping" is unacceptable.Just conduct your business whether it is to sabotage/pillage a base and leave.Besides, lingering just invites them to follow you back to your base.
4.Mystcraft books ARE ALLOWED! However excessive dimension making will result in deletion of your worlds.
Dimensions are subject to deletion at anytime, I do not recommend making base within a alternate dimension.
** Staff WILL NOT recover you from alternate dimensions.It is your responsibility to keep track of your link-books and items within.There will be no items reimbursement.

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