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FTBees Mindcrack! 8.3.2


Mindcrack pack

Daily vote award! Multiple Sites, Multiple Rewards.

Iron Starter set. Includes everything you need to start: full armor, tools, chest, FOOD,and a golden shovel for your protection.

Register on at and purchase the FREE Enhanced Welcome Pack which includes:

1x Full Nano Armor
1x Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Fortune III'
1x Macerator
1x Electric Furnace
1x ADV Solar
16x Glass Fiber Cable
1x Batbox
1x Omni Wrench

No Banned items. We have a few items restricted to Trusted Rank players for your protection.

Trusted Rank is easy to get, just play and be respectful, your time will come.

Restricted Items: Portal Gun, Turtles, Mining Laser, Canvas Bag among others.

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