This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Rebel Penguin FTB Unleashed v1.1.3 Server w/ Raidi


General Information:
Date of "birth": October 13, 2013 [Has been in "development" for 3 months; other than that fresh beginnings for everyone]
Server Location: UK (runs fine for NA people)
Owner: ThatDaveCarter
Admin(s): CustomerSupport (Canadian)
Mod(s): DaOrks
Server Difficulty: Hard
World Boarders are at 25k
Server provider: Creeper panel w/ 20 slots. (Will upgrade to dedicated server in the future)

-No hacks, glitches, or exploits
-No spamming, advertising, or racism
-Griefing and raiding are permitted (there is no land protection except for spawn)
-Respect admins, mods, and other players, but voice your concerns (everyone is accountable for what they do/say)
-All concerns and reports via forum or in game suggestion box (forum:
-Do not, in any way, attempt to destroy/break/steal from spawn
-No living in mystcraft ages

For banned players: Please appeal in the forums (

Ranking system:
Traveller - your first rank when you join the server (a ban list will be in effect for these users)
Citizen - part of the process to become a regular
Regular - as we become more familiar with you, you will achieve this rank - a certain level of trust must be there (the ban list are lifted for these individuals with some exceptions)
MVP/VIP - currently not implemented
Moderator/Mod - the "mini admins" or "trial admins" of the server. These individuals help out with daily tasks such as reinforcing rules and helping individuals with problems (these individuals do not receive too much power to corrupt their normal gameplay)
Admin - the individuals who help run the server

Spawn Banned items (Different than ban list): [Note you can retrieve the items if an admin is on and if you report it immediately]
Gaseous Tenebrae
Gaseous Glowstone
Power Fist
Force Wrench
Minium Stone
Gravity Gun
Gravity Gun Supercharged

Ban List: currently being revised and improved as the server ages and with feedback from community [Cut and pasted full list not adapted, currently monitoring progress] (Note: Notes have been removed)
Nuclear Reactor
Reactor Chamber
Mining Laser

Wrath Igniter
Arcane Bore
Carminite Reactor

Projector Option Camouflage
Warded Chest

Chunk loader
Excavation Wand

As with all new servers we are open to constructive criticism and feedback. If you would be kind enough to report all bugs/glitches you believe are ruining your gameplay that would be great - we will attempt to fix it in a timely manner. Please understand that we cannot stomp all the bugs in the beginning and that we are working to fix known bugs. I may or may not include a "to fix list" here depending on the situation - to prevent possible abuse.

In Progress/Development Plans
-Planning to delete all mystcraft servers every Sunday at a specific time. (This does not remove your book, you can easily recreate the age after it is deleted - just don't build/log out in it) Individuals who do log out and end up glitched from the server will need to request their player profile to be deleted in our forums (
-Updating to accommodate new server
-Creating a new /spawn area so people will be warned before their items are taken at spawn

more to be added in the future

Thanks for your time and hope to see you in game :D

CustomerSupport (CS)

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