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Minecolt Network - Ultimate & Tekkit Classic


Minecolt Gaming!

Tekkit Classic: Version: 3.1.2
FTB Ultimate: Version: 1.1.2

Why choose us?
Our active devs are working around the clock to provide an experience nowhere else. Using custom plugins and modifying existing plugins we have created an enhanced stability monitor for all our servers. Unlike most servers we choose to patch items and dupes rather than ban them. This allows players to use almost every item in the game, the way its supposed to be used!

No Lag!
All our servers run off dedicated machines with 300+ GB/s uplinks. Each server is assigned a minimum of 32 gigs of ram alongside our 3.5GHz 12 Core Processor to create a high-end stable connection. Furthermore we have gone and optimized the java setup itself changing software and API's to allow a much more stable server, an experience you cannot get anywhere else!

We have a very friendly community full of people who love both the mods themselves and the server. All our staff are trained to handle almost any situation without being complete tools, combine this with our fantastic playerbase to insure you have many people to play with! We have an interactive site that allows you to get in contact with the staff team or your friends.

The community on this server is incredibly friendly and helpful, the administrative staff are very quick to react to problems and very effective at dealing with them, and are ready and willing to answer any questions about the server and to provide help with anything you may be struggling with, and are VERY easy to get along with as they are very polite and friendly. if you are looking for a server to play FTB ultimate on (and if you are reading this i assume you are) i would strongly recommend this one.
Posted 2nd Sep 2016

Just incase you weren't getting through, the server updated its IP address.

The server is one of the best I have been on and I have been a player for nearly 2 years as of this post. It has a great and dedicated staff that is getting bigger by the day and an awesome player base. If you have an issue the online staff can help you or if there is none online, there is a server forum at which you can post your recommendations, issues and any other bugs that may pop up (and the staff will answer back within 24hrs, in my experience that is). Certain things are banned only for the integrity of the server and to disallow any grieving (which is highly frowned upon).

Come and join the great community and play along side awesome people.
Posted 18th Aug 2016
I joined a couple weeks ago, and honestly I've found the server to be great. If you're looking for an FTB-Ultimate server, I'd definitely recommend checking Minecolt out.
Posted 13th Aug 2016