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Ⓜ Mekka-Flux Revelations 2.4.1 Ⓜ

Welcome to Mekka-Flux!

Welcome to Mekka-Flux!

Welcome to Mekka-Flux!

Welcome to Mekka-Flux!

Welcome to Mekka-Flux!

Welcome to Mekka-Flux!

Welcome to Mekka-Flux!

We are currently hosting Revelation v2.4.1!


Who are we?

Mekka-Flux is a newly founded network focused maintaining a high TPS to ensure that your experience here is completely lag free! Right now we also strive to give back to the community that supports us! Rather than a pay-to-win scenario we offer a unique economy system (Flux Points) based on a web service. As such, Flux-Points cannot be purchased using hard currency directly. This helps maintain a balance between players!

What do you mean, not pay-to-win?

Unlike other servers, our Ranks. are set in such a way that when one individual purchases a rank, other players can redeem rewards; one for each rank purchased (Different Levels have different perks).
These rewards (Community Perks) are distributed to everyone at the end of each month on our Discord channel.

Flux Points? How do we get them?

To begin collecting points you must have the following:

  1. Create an enjin account
  2. Link your minecraft account
  3. Join our Webpage!

Flux points are obtained in several ways:

  • Participation in Daily Rewards located in the lobby
  • /Welcome (ing) new players joining the Revelation server
  • Voting on the server listings
  • Having the most votes at the end of the month
  • Community Rewards

And now Fluxians I proudly present to you Mekka-Flux!

Direct Connection:

I just recently got back into modded Minecraft and I spent a week searching the top servers and well none of them were as good as they said. However this server on the other hand is one of the best I've been on. The community is kind and always helping, my second day I was doing a community project with a friend I met on the server, the staff are always there to help no matter how big or little the issue is. If you're like me and searching for a great server to get back into? This is it! 20TPS, has a command to vote for restart if the owners are absent, just everything they've thought of comes together so well! Happy Mining!
Posted 27th Jul 2018
Great server! Out of the few revelations servers I checked out, this is the one I felt was best for me, nice and cozy :)
Posted 9th Apr 2018
active and helpfull staff.
Posted 4th Feb 2018
Server is looking great!

If you are looking for a well managed friendly server I would definitely recommend this.
Posted 1st Feb 2018
It have good community,
almost no banned items,
nice staff,
20 tps.

I have been there for 5 days and I played like 28 hours X').

I recommend this server ^^
Posted 27th Jan 2018