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Zentheia's Modded FTB Server


Hello! The server is brand new but a whitelisted community.

It's operating on Minecraft 1.7.10 for the FTB produced modpack Direwolf20. This is one of my favourite modpacks and so I am looking for some people to share in the fun!

This is what I'm looking for, someone who is:

Mature (Not looking for 12 year olds who whine about everything sorry kiddo)
Active (If I'm spending this money on a server I want it to be used for all its worth)
Charismatic (I want this to be a community, so I don't want 5 players all whom don't speak)

I am also looking for somebody to help manage the server nothing too special just someone I can give some responsibilities to, like marketing the server or filtering applicants.

Everyone who is looking to join is free to send an email at: with the following information:

In Game Name
Years in Minecraft (Experience)
Years in Modded Minecraft (Experience
Your Skype Contact
A funny story about something that's happened to you in Minecraft.

Honestly folks a little time and effort will go a long way. If I see that you're trying then I will appreciate it and that would make you a sure thing.

Happy mining!

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