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=The Ribbon= |DW20 1.6.4|Open|Anarchy|Professional


The first 50 players will recieve a welcome kit! Make sure to join now!

The Ribbon Server IP:
FTB modpack: DireWolf20 1.6.4
Modpack version: v1.0.11
Difficulty: Hard
Size: 50 (Will increase if needed)

None! This is an anarchy server and everything is allowed. Except keeping the chat clean and no offensive language.

Table of Content

  • Lore
  • Introduction
  • Banned Items/Restricted Items/Server Specs
  • Link

"After 4000 years living in the dark ground below men finally dared to set a food on their homeland again. Since the enormous explosion that caused a lot of radiation, humans moved underground to be safe. They lived their normal lives there, researching deeper and deeper into technology and magic to maybe one day return to the main land. After the first humans managed to get out of the deep below they made a home citadel, from where humans would spread out and reclaim their lost land. This citadel was known as The Turquoise Towers. What could have been behind the explosion? This is a question humanity must reveal to survive."


Hello there, young survivor! Welcome in The Turquoize Towers. From here on out, you will fight to survive in the barren mainland left by the mysterious explosion 4000 years ago. As you might expect, everything is allowed here. Stealing, griefing, PvP, everything is your friend (or your enemy). So make sure to protect your base of operation well once you go out! It might also be a good idea to establish Factions, so you have friends that can aid you in battle. Now, head out into 1 of the 4 portals and I wish you best of luck!

There are no map resets! Only The End will reset every month, but all the other dimensions will stay the way they are. All dimensions have a boundary of 30000 blocks from 0,0 so there is enough space to explorer.

Restricted and Buyable Items/Server Specs

We have no banned items or mods so far! If it seems that an item is being used overpowerly or is very unstable it might get on the ban list.

The restricted but buyable item list is also short. We do not want to limit your gameplay by restricting a lot of items.

  • Mystcraft Age Writing mechanics.
  • Chunkloading mechanics.
  • Quarry.

These are the server specs the server is running on at the moment. We will upgrade if needed/we have the money.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Server
  • Inter(R) Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (8 Cores)
  • 12GB Ram
  • 1.5TB Space
  • 100M/bit uplink
  • Host location: Germany
  • Operating System: Linux version 2.6.32-5-amd64

Website Link for more information and support.

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