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Thegoldyiron - Infinity

pin_drop (private server)

Minecraft: FeedTheBeast - Infinity

This is a a server dedicated for all the mod lovers in our small community. The main goal for his server is to have a chill and nice gameplay around mods without
any chaotic behaviors and a realistic/roleplay touch on it. On this servers automatic farms from mods are nerfed (currently only by rules) to give this "realistic" touch
of feeling. And to put up the quality of the players on this server there are a whitelist placed for members of the community only.

Getting whitelisted

  1. Register a account on & then verify your account with your email
  2. Reply you'r minecraft username to this post:
  3. Wait for a Administrator to whitelist you.
  4. Select the Infinity Evolved modpack and select version 2.6.0.

How to join

Connect with the following adress in you'r FeedTheBeast client.

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