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Absolution Gaming Infinity Evolved PvE

Absolution Gaming Infinity Evolved PvE


Server Information

Server IP:

Looking for the modpack:

Can't find a server that has it. Look no further. This is the server for you. We have only banned items that will bypass World Guard or Protections. We are also a non-griefing servers, so you don't have to worry about losing your items.

Server Features

You will have access to a resource world. With custom plugins built for the server. Claimed land is untouchable by others unless you give them permission. This has been tested a few times before opening the server. A server shop that sells items to make is easy to get what you need to finish your projects.

Banned Items

Server Rules

Other Information

Some usefull commands that will help you out

/adminshop - Takes you to the admin shops
/land - Protect your Land
/tpa - Teleport to your friends
/goto - Teleport to other worlds (Use /helpme teleporting)
/wild - Randomly teleport you out of spawn
/food - Gives you much food every day
/sethome - Allowing you to set 4 homes

Server Features

Land Protection
Unique Voting Rewards
Player Economy
Mineral World (Mining World)
Low Latency
Custom Plugins
Keep Inventory​ (With in The main build world)

Voting Rewards

Hyrid Solar Panel
Angel Ring
Portal Gun
Enderium Block
Resonant Energy Cell
Cursed Earth
Builder's Wand
Heart Canister
Block of Manyullyn
All Applied Energistics Press's
Claim Blocks (Up to 3000)
In-Game Money (From 5000 to 20000)

Voting Information

Every time you vote you will be given a "Key". You can use that key on the chests at spawn labled "Vote Crate"

Left Clicking: Can view what you can get, Updates every week
Right Clicking with key: To open the crate and get your reward.

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