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FriedBees Aussie modded servers [AU]



Currently Hosting

Mass Production- | AU

Not The Bees - | AU

Enigmatica 2-| AU

Enigmatica 2 Expert Skyblock - | AU

Stoneblock 2 | AU

Project Ozone 3 | AU

Breakout | AU

All The Magic | AU

About Us:

FriedBees is a friendly mature community. Initially started as a place for people to contribute and look for help with packs that I make (Not the bees, Mass production and others).
We started with providing servers for those packs, however have expanded and offer some servers hosted in the Australia region due to a lack of availability of public servers in the area. Our servers are open to everyone and linked via our discord to promote community interaction across servers.

Admins, moderators, and community members are online to assist and welcome new players almost 24/7 (We do need to sleep sometimes). Our number one goal is to make sure that everyone has a fun time on fantastic quality servers.

We also run monthly giveaways with some fantastic prizes.


  1. Have fun.
  2. No griefing/harassment.
  3. Respect instructions from admins/moderators. (They work hard to keep the servers running at 20 tps all the time)
  4. No PvP unless both parties agree.
  5. Chunkloading is allowed with FTB utilities where packs allow.

Full rules available in #server-rules on our discord

Current Hardware:

Our servers run on a dedicated box with the following specs:

2 x Intel Xeon CPU 5690x @3.5GHz 6 cores, 12 threads each
136GB ram
3x SSD 250gb
2x 2tb backup drives

Join us on Discord

No Staff on ever!!! no players
The server replied:
We have staff on almost 24/7,
I just checked and right now we have 3 active players on Project ozone 3 and a total of 9 players across all minecraft servers in the middle of the week at off peak times.
Perhaps you joined at an off time of day but we respond to all help requests on our discord within 24 hours if you have issues (usually instant).
Posted 29th Jan 2019