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StoneBlock 2! 24/7!


RedCoreNetwork is entirely player focused, With great hardware, minimal lag is expected. Do not be fooled by our name, we are not a hub server, in fact we are just a network of servers, running on there own dedicated machines 24/7.

StoneBlock 2, with minimal banned items, and zero to no lag, why would you be disappointed? We run a cool economy, which uses player owned playershops, in which they can buy, sell and trade their items that they've gained. As well as economy and playershops, we have special crates which can also offer you a wide range of free items which can be gained by just voting for the server.

We also have a discord (invite down below) in which you can all join to stay up to date with the latest features, updates and announcements.

We look forward to you joining us on our StoneBlock 2.

Minimal banned items
Free Chunkloaders

Please use the twitch launcher to download the pack.

Modpack Version: 1.16.1
Server IP:

Awesome server! Staff is there when you need them and very active. They also have a discord that is pretty busy !
Posted 11th Jul 2020
Great server, and the mod brings back so many old memories :)
Posted 5th Apr 2019