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TLS Minecraft Server


TLS Server 1.4.7 - Industrial Craft, ThaumCraft 3.0.2b, Build Craft, Mystcraft, Redpower, Thermal Expansion, Logistic Pipes
TLS Server - One of the few servers out there with the NEW Thaumcraft 3.0.2b - just released + Logistic Pipes
we also have buildcraft, Industrial Craft, Thermal Expansion and a lot more.

looking for a cool server ? No Lag ? 24/7 ? a lot of cool mods ? where you can build anywhere and do whatever ( except grief ) ? _ JOIN NOW !!!

Download the MOD pack here ----- >>>>>>

This is an awesome server where we tend to build a morden world . Lots of wiring, sewers, solar plants, nuclear facilities and more!

No Lag...

Everything is enabled ( chunk loaders, quaries, RP and RC bores, etc ).

Griefing = Ban
Creepers will not destroy blocks.

Visit the TLS Server website to get the mod pack . Click here

Easy mod configuration. Just drop the files in your .minecraft folder

IP is ( visit website for more information )


  1. Don't build too far away from everyone.
  2. Don't be selfish, try and make some stuff for everyone to use.
  3. No Griefing

Problems, please contact with you issue.

This pack is 100% tested.. so if you get a black screen or a crash,create a new instance with 1.4.7 using Multi MC and drag the folders to their place.

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